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Artist United

Artist United is a Non-Profit Organization created by International Recording Artist and Global Citizen Veronica Vitale during The First Modern Pandemic Covid-19 as Relief for Artists and Creative Minds all around the World.

Artist United is a platform that’s aimed to bring artists both professional and enthusiastic music creators together from all over the World in a message of Peace and Universal Brotherhood. We Are All Together as One

Our purpose is to:

  • Build a Solid Platform to bring together Artist’s from all over The World
  • Be Together as One.
  • To Stand Together as One during Humanitarian Crises and Hardships
  • To Create Creative awareness-raising Projects
  • Encourage people to travel because travel changed my life
  • Have the pleasure to work with a handful of other passionate men and women to find their calling and turn their passion into a business and lifestyle.
  • Inspire people to reject what society makes them believe so they can carve their own path and create a life of freedom
  • Awaken confidence in women, to show them their true strength and power
  • To let everyone know that their voice matters, that their story needs to be told that they have special gifts the world needs to know about.
  • Wake-up every day feeling excited about life and grateful to be able to give my time and resources to give back to the world. 
  • Become Peace Builder
  • To Raise Awareness about the World We Would like To Have.

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