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At the end of the day, you are solely responsiblefor your success and your failure.And the sooner you realize that, you accept thatand integrate that into your work ethic,you will start being successful.

“Usually those who have “hope” still have some kind of doubts. I chose to believe, because when you believe, even miracles happen…I quickly understood that “the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an illusion, the tunnel is” If we believe in something strongly enough, we all have the power to change our fate…CHANGE is something we should embrace…it is the greatest gift we have as human being. Rather than wishing for the classic moral of the story “and they lived happily ever after”; I liked much better a different script which..looks more like a tropical hurricane and here it goes – “You can’t live your fairytale, if you are not brave enough to walk into the forest” It’s a philosophy of life. If you DO! Something will CHANGE. What will change is that YOU will change. Your LIFE will change, and IF you can change you……you can perhaps change the WORLD.”

My professional career began in Germany, no short cuts. There were no doors open to just walk through. My Success was built and earned over time and sacrifice working from the bottom to the top. Now I am recognized as an national and international musician and multi-awarded singer, songwriter and composer. I don’t have expectations of being someone important, the talent I was given is god’s will, not mine, and because of him… today I’m no longer, Italian, not just a girl from Europe, I’m a world’s citizen. Every dream I ever dreamed, has come true a hundred times”


We have the capacityto receive messages from the starsand the songs of the night winds.

Who is Veronica Vitale?

Known as The Warrior of the Light – Veronica Vitale is an International Recording Artist grew up in Boscoreale, Italy, She’s a Singer Songwriter, Composer, Pianist and versatile Spirit. Born futurist with visionary attitudes, her musical experiments flow between Pop and Electronic Music; which gave rise to her as a groundbreaker, developing her own “Liquid” Music Genre, described as “genre-defying” . She debuted as Executive Producer, for the Music Business Industry and Entertainment while in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio late 2016. In the meantime and by the young age of 25, Veronica earned her 3rd University Degree at the University of Salerno 110/110 with honors in Pedagogical Sciences and System’s Science for the Department of Humanities receiving the title of Year Valedictorian. In fact She worked with twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Dr. Ervin Laszlo in the making of her thesis “The Advanced Theory of Systems” based on Quantum Physics and Global Macro Shift which settled a new record for Publishing and Scientific Research in 2013. She presented a new complex theory of Education built on the concept of Holistic view of the World.

Veronica is a bit of a dark horse in the Italian Music Market, by doing it all on her own; NO major labelbehind her and NO shortcuts such as a talent show. Over the years, Veronica became a World Citizen, crossing many countries and borders. She got her first record deal abroad, in Frankfurt am Main Germany. Her debut album Nel mio bosco Reale” (meaning “Throughout my Royal Grove”) has been a significant hit, reaching the Top New Comer Artist Chart in Germany as well leading to the Top10 Amazon Chart Deutschland along with renowned music stars such as David Guetta, Flo Rida, Trains and Sean Paul. Veronica is poised for a meteoric rise while she forges her new music genre so called “LIQUID” .

New Book, Album and Documentary

Her latest production (for release in 2021) has concepts intentionally set in psychedelic, otherwordly environments, with strong alchemical meanings, or dystopian and post-apocalyptic sci-fi, scenarios, belonging to the cyberpunk genre, which use the rules of antiutopia to talk about worlds dominated by high-tech corporations, for the sole purpose of awakening awareness, hope, and empathy towards the others, the near future and a sustainable world. There’s a preternatural assurance here, one that explains how a young woman from a small town built on the foot of the notorious Volcano “Vesuvius”, growing up with no connections in the industry, found herself in the heart of the American Music Industry, now sharing her successful life-changing story.


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