You are an artist what work of art will you leave behind?

At night, from a high building or hilltop,when the lights of the cityare like beacons down below,the dream persists.

I was invited to reach out the British Columbia by Gary Sir Johan Karlsen III and his Family. He was friendly, easy-going, down to earth and funny, his wife Mary on the other hand, what a strong, powerful woman! She reminded me of a Greek goddess, and not for nothing her daughter’s name is Majesta it means Majestic. 

This whole journey was great, but there were some significant moments that weren’t just remarkable, they were especially revealing. There are certain moments in our lives that are pregnant with possibility and you need to go get them vibrant and enthusiastically, and then, come moments of such a beauty that have the power to take your breath away. Therefore during your travel, Prepare To Be Astonished.

I’ve never seen myself at such a loss for words like the night I got off the Rainbow Warrior – Ship with Greenpeace. I was at the Norgate, North Vancouver BC. For the first time, for some reasons, I finally felt the feeling everyone kept asking me about “How does it feel to travel so far? To be on the other side of the globe? To be surrounded by big cities” – Well, the first time I really felt like surrounded by a big city, and far from home was during this trip, downtown, at the port as the Greenpeace’s ship was leaving those waters to reach out the Arctic I guess. As night fell I could see the city’s lights clearly. A telescope, to see things in the distance, my eyes instead to feel myself in the distance. I was speechless but it was as if the world was speaking for me.

I noticed 2 musician playing a few steps away the quay, it wasn’t just some unknown music, but the most ancient and traditional classic songs from Naples, my city. For the first time I was so far and yet, my home was right there by my side. I want you all to know that Music can heal people, and this is one of the strong points music has, it can carry around the world, memories, cities, and feelings and finally, illuminate your day. That night I realized how humbled and honored I really was to be an artist.

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

If I could pick another instant out of that day, just like people do with postcards and pictures, I must say that I will never forget the lesson Mary gave me about the Importance of Pictures. She told me. “Hey Veronica, Give me your camera! Sometimes you gotta jump in the picture or those who follow you aren’t gonna  believe you were actually there”. She is the same person who has welcomed me in her house, writing on a soap’s box “Welcome in the Family”.

Back in time I was so shy, and despite the strongest joys I lived, I always tried my best to hold my composure and never bother anyone for pictures, If I liked a moment, I didn’t like to have the distraction of the camera. That’s another reason why, when I watched the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” I cried when the photographer Sean O’Connell sitting on a slope of the Himalaya doesn’t take the picture of the Snow Leopard he was waiting for – because I knew exactly what it does mean.  I love when in the movie He says –  “Sometimes I don’t. If I like a moment, I mean for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it. They call the snow leopard the ghost cat. Never lets itself be seen. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention” .

See? Perspective can transform your life. Life is about courage and going into the unknown.  It’s so easy to get entrapped in life’s doubts, trials and low moments. But you should know that someone else out there is dealing with a different hell, and wishes for the things you have.

You are lucky

Repeat it to yourself, make sure to listen to your voice while you say it. Feel fortunate, ‘cause you are.


Even if those who follow my journey as Artist expect me to tell about the story of Gary Sir Johan Karlsen III being the CEO of The Jimi Hendrix Family Foundation, as well as being the guy to owe one of the world’s most expensive & rarest guitar of Bob Marley, I much prefer to mention the explorer, the craftman, the collector he was. I recently heard he got in some troubles with some of his collegue in the music business and I can’t really express my honest opinion not aware of the situation.  So all I can do is to appreciate my good memories and move forward to the next chapter. Life is a big treasure hunt, and it goes all over the lands and seas. It has no instruction manual or guidelines on how to navigate it or get to finish line. Luckly life give us the opportunity to do this treasure hunt with others. Some people might show you a side of yourself you never knew you had. Some might not. Some might end up being the lighthouse through the fog, and yet fog is a very important word because there will be a lot of it, it will cloud your vision, your mind, hopes and heart and make you believe that all you can see is all there is. But did you know that sound travels much more further through fog? You might just discover your calling.

Next, I will tell you more about Greenpeace and my solitude moment on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver BC, but as for now, I can’t wait to read about your adventure! Have you ever been to Canada? Where? What was your feeling like!

Diario Di Bordo

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